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Cowboys vs. Hockey Players

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The other day Mrs. Durnin was contacted by a private school in Fort Worth Texas who
wanted to skype with us. We learned about their climate and how we are the same and different.
Then we skyped with them to find out more information.

I already knew they had a warmer climate but it doesn’t normally even get below 0 ( wouldn’t
that be nice). I also found out they get extreme weather like tornadoes and they have very heated
politics with many arguments.I found out we both have our highest temperatures in July and
August. We both have a temperature range between  20 to 30 degrees.

The latitude and longitude of Fort Worth is 32.5 degrees N and 97.5 degrees W. The latitude and
longitude of Wingham is 43.5 degrees N and 81 degrees  W. I wonder if  they have other
extreme weather other than tornadoes? And for us to have extreme weather would be very rare.  They have to pay for their health care and we don’t.

We both have one very popular sport. We have hockey they have football.I wonder if they would have more private
school in Texas than Ontario?

Philip Larsen #36 was called up by the Stars to replace the
suspended Stephane Robidas for only one game . I hope that
we continue collaborating with them.


Jake’s Gift

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Julia Mackey played WWII veteran named Jake. It was believable because of the old mans hunch and his twitching hand. Then she changes her voice to little girl named Isabelle she also played Isabelle Grandmother. She was loud enough to be heard any where in the theatre. Dirk van Stralen  was the director.   

Jake’s Gift is about an old WWII  veteran named Jake who returns to Normandy France for the 60th anniversary of D day. There he meets a little girl named Isabelle who is very interested and grateful for what the Canadians did on D-day. They became great friends.

Us army

The set was not great because all it had was two tables. It did not need a wonderful set because the actor painted a picture in your mind. She was dress like old man and had a real veteran’s jacket and hat which made it seem more real. The theme of the of play is the pain of losing someone never goes away. The audience was amused with the drastic change in voice from a little girl to a grumpy old man who used some choice words.Like what the hell are you trying to do or I hate the damn phone.

I will never forget  the moment when Isabelle found out that Jake had passed away because I can’t imagine how she would have felt.This play was one of the best historical dramas I have ever see. Located at the Blyth theatre

Connecting The Pages

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The Idea Hive class read an online book called What The Web is For by Dr. Weinberger. Then we designed  a piece of art based on the book. The book teaches kids about how to use the internet and what it is for. The book taught me that you have to be careful of what you do on the web and humans are best when they are caring for one another.

I decided to do my art on how the the different sites online are connected like the pages in a book. I made a 3-D book and the pages inside are home pages of popular site on the internet. I used cardboard for the hardcover of the book and the covered it with construction  paper and I printed off the home pages of the different sites.                                                                  

I don’t like how the cuts on the construction paper cuts are not straight. I hate how  home pages are in black and white.  I also don’t like the tape that shows in the book. I liked how I used the simile from the book that said hyperlinks are like the pages in a book because they are connected.

I bet you could create a another sculpture like us. If you want to know more about the the book What The Web is for click here. If you want to see more projects go to click here